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Knight in shining armour?

One of my hobbies is to dress up in flax and wool, swing a leather belt around my hip, and hang my freshly sharpened axe and dagger in the belt before I draw to the market.

This interest I believe may sprout from my large interest in history, and research; I like to play my way through knowledge; see things happen - and try them out. Finding information on how people lived, dressed, played, and worked - and then do it yourself makes it much more fun to learn (and teach). So I like to spend my time in the history. This have made me take some Viking fight lessons, learning about swordplay, war tactics, as well as taken up archery, which I now consider to step up at the next level, by taking the bow hunting license for both modern compound bows as well as the authentic longbow (those are two seperate licenses, where compound bows have to passed before stepping up to longbows). The ultimate dream is to make a 11th century river boat, after the Gislinge Boat from Roskilde Viking Ship Museum.

I currently work at two medieval fairs, where I do various tasks, as well as exploring the various stalls, jesters, and inns while finding the next idea.

It started long after I bought my first tunic; that was in 2002 in the Russian "Golden Ring", where I found a beautiful flax linen shirt with a wonderful green and gold silk emdroding, which I liked and bought. Many years after I attended my first medieval fair, wearing this exact shirt. After the market I talked with a friend who told me she worked there as volunteer and also told me about another place she worked, and I signed up for this! This was the first time I worked as volunteer at a festival - and it was two wonderful days in Horsens, Denmark.

I have participated as guest and/or volunteer worker (marked with asterisk) at various events, including

At each market and festival I pick up at least one more item for my outfits, as well as I find various patterns that I work on to make the perfect outfits; at the moment I have a few shirts, some pants, kaftan, cloak, hoods, and various equipment.

I have yet to find my period and class - but I believe I will end up in the 11th-12th Century, in the middle class. But I would like to make also an outfit for Viking use as well as making a Rus' Viking outfit to match my Russian tunic.