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Collection of cold steel

One of the things I collect is edged weapons; Swords, knifes, axes... I mainly collect authentic items, or replicas, and mostly from Europe, but I am always interested in some interesting object.

Low quality wall hangers are not of a high interest to me, but due to my interest of authentic items, and the history behind, I have aquired some finds from various battlefields, mainly from the Baltics and Eastern Europe, as well as an African sword from Western Africa.

My collection started with the family musket, used in the 1st and 2nd Schleswig Wars (1848-50, and 1864), which included all accessories for musket; including powder canister, and bayonet: The bayonet would require a permit, but according to the leader of Department S (Weapon's Department) I was not required to have a permit for the musket as it was before 1875. After this I started to get a few more items - and already as a kid my grandfather had given me a scout's hilt, which by the weapon law today would be illegal to own without a permit; A research have then shown that the hilt, made in West Germany, is in fact a replica of the Hitler Jungend hilts, with the exception of the red/white diamond logo with swastica was exchanged with a silver diamond showing the French lilly, commonly used by boy scouts. An interesting choise of knife from a man who fought in the Resistance against the German oppcupation of Denmark during World War II.