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Join us and roll the dice...

One of my major hobbies is board gaming; this takes some time both when being played - but also while research new, and old games, strategies, as well as planning events. At the moment I am organizing game events in various groups in Copenhagen. These groups includes:

  • Twosdays Night is Games Night
    • International group, based in Copenhagen
    • Meets once per month, on the second Tuesday of the month
    • Link (@Meetup)
  • Get The Game Started
    • International group, based in Copenhagen
    • Link (@Meetup)
  • InterNations' Copenhagen Boardgamers Group
    • International group, based in Copenhagen
    • Link (@InterNations)

When I am not playing with my groups, I play with friends and family. I do not have one favourite game, but several: also I do not have a favourite game type at the moment.

In the right column you will see a random selection of my board game collections

Testing new games

I like to try new games - and to help the gaming community; Therefore I am always open to test upcoming  games.

So far I have been testing

  • Admiral of the Black at convension
    • Designer: Asger Sams Granarud (Flamme Rouge, 13 Days: The Cuban Missile Crisis)
    • Designer: Daniel Skjold Pedersen (13 Days: The Cuban Missile Crisis)
    • Publisher: Cranio Creations, Italy
    • Unpublished: Expected 2016 Q3
  • Burning Rome for Sun Tzu Games in Denmark
    • Designer: Emil Larsen (Startups, Burning Suns)
    • Artist: Caner Inciucu (Burning Suns)
    • Publisher: Sun Tzu Games, Denmark
    • Unpublished: Expected 2017 (rumour)
  • RUS: Age of the Vikings for Guntower Games in England
    • Designer: Mike Ibeji (Stetsons & Sixguns)
    • Publisher: Guntower Games, UK (rumoured)
    • Unpublished: Expected 2016 (rumour)

If you have a game that you need tested, feel free to contact me, through my website, or at BoardGameGeek.