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The person behind

Since I was a kid, computers have been a large part of my days; first it started with various games on Commodore 64, then games and small hacks on some Commodore Amiga 500 Plus, and Commodore CDTV, over to IBM Aptiva desktops, where I worked on both IBM OS/2 and Windows 3.1.1 and onwards. From the stock IBM computers I went on to custom building computers for my self or friends, using either Windows XP or Linux, depending on the mood, and requests. And today I am educated within IT, and have operated on all platforms, and all levels - even in most of the layers within the IT sector!

My free time is spend very mixed - and sometimes away from computers, which is now work to me; so a way that I use to "logout" and completely rest, is playing board games (some of this does give me some computer time as well, as I am contributing to a large, world wide board game database, as well as organizing game groups in Copenhagen). I play many different types of games - from classics such as chess or ludo, newer popular games such as Settlers of Catan or Ticket to Ride - to more exotic, often indie productions such as Fantasy Frontier or Expedite. I am always looking for a new game to try, or new people to play with, so feel free contact me for playing a game with me.If you are a game developer and are looking for testers, you are most welcome to contact me as well; So far I have been playtesting Burning Rome, and Rus: Age of the Vikings.

If I don't play games, I might be working on a motorcycle, moped or car; I am not a great mechanic; I just enjoy it - the purpose of this work is restoration which hopefully will lead me to enjoy the open roads. My collection of projects are rather big, usually because I often get the vehicles really cheap and I can't resist having something to do.

When the vehicles are ready for the road they need a brand new photo - but also in other occasions I have a happy trigger finger while my eye is scanning through the view finder. I mainly use analogue cameras, where I develop the films (colour and monochrome) and pictures (monochrome) myself in my own dark room. I have done some semi-professional TFP sessions, but also worked TFP as model.

And of cause I spend time with my beloved cats!